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Carrying a vast amount of fire power and being heavily armored, the AT-AT was argueably the most feared and effective land vehicle in the Imperial Army, and enjoyed a long life span, from the Clone Wars to the Second Imperial Civil War, over 150 years later.

However, it was also known for its relatively slow speed.

The AT-AT's formidable offensive capabilities were supplied by dual, chin-mounted Taim & Bak MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannons (for slower, more cumbersome targets) and two fire-linked medium repeating blasters mounted on each side of the head (designed for lighter, agile targets).

The AT-AT also lacked armor covering on its underbelly, leaving the spot vulnerable to mounted guns or portable missile launchers.

in conjunction with the walker's four giant heavily-reinforced legs, propelled the AT-AT forward at a top speed of sixty kilometers per hour.

However, this maximum rate was achievable only on flat, stable terrain.

They were deployed on a wide array of worlds in the following months, including Corellia, Chandrila, and Ghorman.

AT-ATs were typically deployed for ground assault from orbit by large dropships.Several AT-ATs were also deployed to Ralltiir to subjugate the scientists, although several of them were destroyed after Red Squadron destroyed the bridges into the city with bombs, developed by scientists, and their speeders.At the Battle of Hoth, the Empire's Blizzard Force utilized AT-ATs to assault the Rebel's Echo Base, as it was protected from above by an energy shield.Positioned above and below the command section was the walker's sensor array and blaster cannon energizer, respectively.The command head was attached to the trapezoidal armed body section by a flexible armored tunnel, allowing cockpit access from the rest of the machine.

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Nearly three years after the Battle of Yavin, Veers neared completion on a superior model while on Zaloriis. With the prototype Blizzard 1, constructed at Camp Culroon, Veers assaulted the planet's capital when Zaloriis declared their affiliation with the Rebellion.